The Wee Ones

With St. Patricks’s Day approaching, I did this really quick craft with the little Cooks.

What you need:

Paper plates

Green, black, and orange construction paper

Sparkly foam shamrocks 

Glue stick and scissors

Cut out the center of the paper plate. While your doing that, have your preschooler cut the orange paper in strips.  We like using the craft scissors with the zig zag edge. Cutting is so much more fun for some reason with these scissors! 

Cut out the green paper in the shape of a hat and cut a strip of black paper.

Show your kids how to assemble the leprechaun. Toddlers can participate at this point.

Glue the black strip to the hat and then glue on the shamrock to the black strip.

Glue the hat into the top of the paper plate. Add the orange strips to the bottom to make the beard.  And your done! I meant it when I said quick… it took 5 minutes total. I managed to get a few cute pictures before I totally lost their attention and the baby tried to eat the beard 😂

Happy St. Paddy’s Day from my little leprechauns 🍀🍀🍀

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