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A Day on the Cape – Heritage Museum and Gardens and the Devil’s Purse Brewery

Is there anything that makes you dream about summer vacation more than the month of March? Last summer we spent a sun-filled week on the Cape. We stayed in Eastham, MA, but we also enjoyed time in other towns including Sandwich, Chatham, and Dennis. There are so many great places on the Cape, each with their own draws and quirks. 

I could write an entire post about the post card worthy beaches we enjoyed, but this post is dedicated to all our fellow freckle faced friends who maybe, like us, can’t spend 10 straight days in the sun without looking like a full blown Boston Lobstah.

One of our days in Eastham was forecasted to be rainy, but in true New England weather fashion, the forecast in Sandwich (a few towns away) was perfect. We were looking for something a little different than a beach day, so we headed out to the Heritage Museum and Gardens in Sandwich.

We started our day taking in a few quiet moments and having a snack at this peaceful fountain. I was 7 months pregnant during this trip so if there was a bench, I was sitting on it 😉

We toured the Automobile Musuem that is on the property. My oldest son is our resident car lover- he loved this part!

There are amazing gardens to walk through, including an entire area dedicated to hydrangeas. 

So, you might be wondering if the kids will be bored but… wait for it…. (I miss Barney – such a great show)… there is an indoor carousel…

a treehouse and…

An really amazing play space for kids!

There is really so much more to explore here that we didn’t get to see, so we will most likely go back again. Admission is free for Massachusetts teachers! And there is a decent outdoor cafe near the entrance with sandwiches and wraps, including the all important grilled cheese! It’s all my kids will eat.

Not too far away, we found the Devil’s Purse Brewery. We loved the logo (and learned what those weird brown things are all over the beach). 

It’s a small brewery. We pulled up to a warehouse and Ben spoke with the staff, while they were literally in the throes of brewing their next batch. All we could get was this growler, but he definitely enjoyed it. Looking forward to our next Cape adventure when I can enjoy the Devil’s Purse too. Until then, the memories of being 7 months pregnant on an 85 degree day will have to keep me warm☀️

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