Crafts for Cabin Fever

I am a homebody through and through. I do love to travel and explore new places, but I also really love being home. Is there anything better than your comfiest (is that a word?!?) sweats, your beverage of choice (currently honey lemon tea for me, Finback Surprise for Ben), and a fire keeping you warm?

Not everybody is a homebody though… like my kids, for instance! A case of strep throat, with a couple of snow days, record low temps, and a Monday holiday thrown in the mix made for many straight days stuck inside.

That combination + kids climbing the walls = mom searching her OT/yoga mind for something to do. About 10 years ago I became a Creative Kids Yoga teacher and this activity idea came from that training.

It’s beyond simple. All you need are pipe cleaners and foam that you use for flower arranging like these…


The kids just bend and twist the pipe cleaners and stick them in the foam. As they work, it turns into a sculpture.

Super easy and surprisingly entertaining! The finished products…

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