Harvard Museum of Natural History

I am always on the look out for day trips/activities to do in and around the Boston, MA area with my kids.  One place that is consistently on various “Must-do in Boston” articles is the Harvard Museum of Natural History.  So during our February vacation week, I planned a day trip to check it out.

The Musuem is actually located on Harvard Univeristy’s campus and is within walking distance to Harvard Square (on a nice day).  We went on a cold and rainy day so parking as close to the museum as possible was key.

The museum has a section on their website about planning your visit and I would recommend checking out the info around parking.  We paid $8 ahead of time and printed out a parking permit at home so that we were able to park on campus in a covered garage.  It was the closest and most convenient parking option in the area.

Before we made it into the city, we stopped for a super yummy lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, the Summer Shack near Alewife Station.  This place is one of our favorites for lots of reasons… they accept reservations (so no waiting), the outside doesn’t really impress but the inside is well done, they have open lobster tanks which are a big hit with the kids, and most importantly – the food is fresh and consistently really, really good. A few of us had the Crabcake BLT and it did not disappoint!

So, after lunch it was a short 5 minute ride to the museum.  With all of us fueled up, we were ready to explore.  The museum has thousands of animals and specimens behind glass.  It’s not an interactive museum, but there was just so much to take in visually.

My oldest liked the dinosaurs the best, my 2 year old animal lover was in awe of the monkeys and African desert animals, and my youngest just loved running around!

Although you may not think this museum would be a good place for little kids, everything was behind glass = they couldn’t break anything! We had lots of fun and we will definitely be visiting again this summer.

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